They All Had Eyes

by Vineyard

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Advance online release of our full length!


released November 18, 2016

Produced and Recorded by Vineyard during 2016
Mastered by Paul Miner



all rights reserved


Vineyard Oxnard, California

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Track Name: Desolate
Behind the fire and under the ashes
Is the sweet smell of the living vine
Look not one structure stands tall
And there's no trace of life in sight
Arson flaunts itself before my distraught eyes
Under the remains
Is the sweet smell of the living vine
At first glance this land seems barren
And gutted of its beauty
Oh can't you see/why won't you believe
You only trust in the natural eyes viewing
Why won't you believe
Your will your life your pride
It's all burnt to the ground
but under the ashes
is the sweet smell of the living vine
It's hard to trust in the midst of discord
As well as interpret the darkness of this world
But have your circumstances altered the case
Has casuistry altered your fate
Turn your eyes to the heavens
Each star has a name
You are like a wave in the ocean
Tossed side to side
Always unsteady and unready
Your intelligence is a crutch
You're a faithless human being
Satan has you in his clutch
But under the ashes is the sweet smell of the living vine
What is my purpose in this life
Is it to live for me myself and I
And walk through this life losing my mind because I could perish at the drop of dime
Track Name: Traffick Fashion
Rape and murder cover our land
Oh how we trample the blood of the lamb
With the hands of man we've dug our children's graves 
When abortion begins to rise 
With the day
What example is this for the wondering eye
We just silence their cries 
When sexual slavery takes the heart and mind of this country
As greed and pride have left the eyes blind
So help me God
So young and helpless are the victims in this day
And across the world they are hunted as prey
Who will take a stand to protect them
Who will fight against our twisted system
How low will we go
How far will we flow off our shores into addictions cove
Don't you know that the Devils boots do not creak
And in a idle mind the devil closely  plots his schemes 
And the result I've scene the world far so far from Christ 
I've scene progression of hope and happiness die
Everything I've scene makes me wish that I was blind
The agony and pain that exist is infinite 
And it will carry its weight Into the deepest pit
Its consequences will not be shunned
Because their is a righteous God who sees all under the sun
Why does it have to come to this
Why does slavery exist
In a country founded off freedom liberty and justice 
You hypocrite 
You Pharisee 
Your hearts are endless graves filled with disease 
Your wealth keeps you enslaved 
My prayers are for the wounded and hopeless 
Hold on 
Press on
You are not alone 
Press on live on 
You are not alone 
Track Name: Ultimatum
I've discovered a map deep in the forbidden woods
It's landscapes are marvelous 
And it's roads are paved with Gold
Surely they will lead to a place of endless riches and food. you know
 this is good news for the people of my small town
We must call a gathering to discuss our future reign and crown
People came from miles eagerly waiting to hear the good news
I spoke
Hope has come our way at last 
Because here in my hand I hold a map that could make all your dreams come true
In fact 
Their will be no more poverty, no more tears and no more fear 
Because we will have wealth up to our ears
We celebrated and danced throughout the night
We were like a family but I could sense that many of the men had schemes on their minds
I had the guard the map with the sharpest knife
And sleep with one eye open 
Ready to strike at anytime
In the name of wealth we will leave behind our religion and morals that have defined us
We will leave this land that God gave us
Division and strife broke out in the land
We're fearful to leave 
(The people began to shout)
How could we abandon what God has given us to follow Mere man?
You are leading us to our graves
We will become your slaves
We can see it now

If you are with me then with me you stand
If you are against me then death is at hand

Civil war claims the day 
Division has shed blood once again
And the voice behind this war is of a charming man who has forgotten the blessings of our land
The sound of weeping and the energy of sorrow fills the sky from day Into night
And innocence of their foundation has been shaken by deceitful lies
But we as a people do not crouch over and die
We will rebuild our lives based on the promises that have held firm throughout time 
Track Name: Wayward
Their once was a man lying face down in his own vomit
His intentions were clear
Numb this dead man from all of his fears
And silence the voices that manipulate my choices
So he drank and he drank until he lost all fear
And as the morning sun began to rise 
So does his fears and confusions of life 
He wonders why his so called friends left him passed out drunk in a street side ditch 
He climbs to his feet and he begins to scream 
Can you see me x3
Oh God look at what I've become 
As he looks up Into the sky he begins to curse the very God he once denied
He has no where to go but to turn to a friend he once disowned 
Because in past times religion had caused him to turn his back and give up on hope 
Just as love and hatred can never become one
His family has shut the door 
Because they won't deal with theft and drugs no more
So he made a call to that friend for comfort and to help him escape his demons
With urgency he runs
He beats on the front door
The door swings open
He falls into welcoming arms
His burdens are lifted and his mind has been out to rest
And for once he sees that 
Love is a gift x6
He looks up and he says
This is a place of peace where the cross hangs higher than the sun rays peak
Please think for yourself 
When I was just like you
Until grace fell on this house
You see he is greater then society 
This is a place of peace
You were a menace to society
So what does all this mean to you?
Track Name: Summer Scorned
I was birthed to a mother who was a drug addict teenMy father was a 16 year old punk who had nothing to savor
They both came from dysfunctional homes
It's an on going problem that has taken root in our soil
A moment of clarity at the birth of their son 
Quickly turns to regret when their freedom is shunned 
Their disappointed parents were quick to point the finger but behind their masks they weep as the memories began to linger of when they once stood in those shoes
Deja vu 
They saw no selfless purpose for me so what followed was abuse
CPS gets involved Until my mother had her issues solved 
Years pass 
So many emotions clash, finally
She gets her life intact 
So it seemed
At the age of 9
Under her roof 
I was taken from my bed to a foreign land
Against my will
For two years straight I was molested and treated like a slave
Like I had no face or name
I sought after a church 
But it all ended in vain 
10 years later I'm home and I've gone through 7 different families 
They all said
He's too rebellious and broken
And. It enough money in the world can produce enough patients in our hearts to mold and shape him into the man he needs to be, so let him be. 
Let him go through the prisons because He'll never succeed, he will never amount to anything.
He is oblivious to reality
So just let him be
And next thing I know 
I'm 21 years old 
With this curse embedded in my soul.
In every direction I was pulled because of my weary heart 
I desperately longed for acceptance because to me I was a reflection of a deadbeat fool
An atheistic mindset driven by hatred towards anyone who claimed to speak the truth of God
I'm not going to bow a knee to someone who deserted me
A selfish fable to keep people living in dismay 
And I lived this up everyday
Giving my body away
Although money was not my gain
But rather throwing away their precious hearts 
Brought me joy and them pain
I was sick and twisted in my train of thought
And I thought the world owed me everything for this life I got
Track Name: XIII Reasons
The ocean is my denouement
A precise denotation of my heart
We are one and one are we
From the ridge I am enticed Into it's being
A way out/a way out/ a way out
A path to silence
It has promised me
What lies beneath those waters
A way out a way out
Everybody wants to go to heaven but who's willing to cross the line
Who will drain their lungs
Who will drain their lungs
To catch a glimpse of the light
How do I rank according to your laws
Am I disgusting
Or am I a stain on your white garment
I can no longer fear death
I have died to many times
I am fragile and broken
I can no longer fear death
Track Name: Lowlands
Before the sun sets I will deal with my regrets
Because once again
It's pain has left me paralyzed
How I'm a sucker when temptation cries
When it's lies bid me to come and die
Oh come to me oh come to me
I hear your call
I fall to my knees and begin to crawl
I'm like a slave who's back's been scarred and has been thrown in the darkness to wrought for his heartless life
Oh which way is up
Am I going down
Nothing makes sense all I'm left with is doubt
A bitter crown is my reward
A cowards thrown is what I deserve
Am I truly at the point of no return why has this addiction
Resulted in affliction leaving whom I love shattered at the door
Hours upon hours
I wept and screamed
I've let out everything to the point of suffocation but my heart still keeps on beating and pulling me away
It's like I keep on pressing rewind
It's like I keep on falling back into time
Making the same mistakes over and over again
I'm sinking ship God please help me escape these raging seas
That in the end this will surely be the end of me
Destroying the honor of my family
My dig it's but most of all my love for you
Time has been dreadful here in these lowlands
Where the rivers run dry and the food wears thin
Starvation is the image of my sin
Lust is the disease that dwells within

Grace shine upon me
Before I sink into the depth of my soul
Where darkness will take its toll and leave me chained to these walls
Track Name: Repulsion
Focused mind although I once was blind. Face to face with my troubled times. I was confined to emotions and ignorance and I was well aware of your devotion to me. As I walk through these shades of grey reality hits the switch that was once hidden away from me
I'm not sure if I'll find my way through this vicious cycle that won't go away
Pain is the only thing that reminds me that I'm alive
This is not a dream
This is not a dream this is reality 
I tell myself not to fall into these deep thoughts caught in these hallow walls
Chaos and confusion have gripped my life and it won't let go
Grab ahold of the rope this is your way out
At the top of the hill there is a old rugged cross where your life way ransomed for and bought with a cost 
I've read about the son of man crucified before men but this was not his end
It's says 3 days later he rose from the grave to bring redemption to all the slaves
I am the darkest sinner that there is
Focuses mind although I once was blind
Face to face
When will I love you again
I can't trust my own mind
When will I love you again
My heart is welded with strife 
Track Name: A Darker Shade of Blue
Darkness can testify of the pain that dwells within a mind 
No light
No awareness of time
Emotions always seem to take the wheel of life and drive hope straight into the ground 
Without a sound you're left to work all this out
On your own find a way out
Perspective is the only abdication that could end all this now
Holding back my tears because it's hard to endure the struggle that awaits us
And it can't be ignored
Anxiety plagues me and its grip cannot be torn
I feel the presence of grief just waiting to strike at the moment of peace 
And I cannot believe these thoughts that are slowly killing me
It's a disease 
Entombed in this vacant room while bedlam and commotion consume the world around me
My desire is to be secluded from this life
Why pain
Why sorrow
Why does evil have a grip on tomorrow 
Is there a purpose 
Is there a plan 
Or have we fallen off moral standards
That we've become the hand that has orchestrated this disaster 
We cannot coward away
We must be the change
We seek to restrain the dismay that are the currents of this age
It's apart of me, it's apart of you 
We all know in our hearts exactly what we need to do
Its apart of me, it's apart of you
We must seek to restrain the dismay
We all know in our hearts exactly what we need to do
And as the days go by I fall into my mind
But it's set in stone that I am not alone
He hears my every cry
And on these restless nights 
I fall into my mind
But it's set in stone that I'm not alone 
He hears my every cry
Track Name: Winter Born
I found myself at the edge of a cliff 
Contemplating how and why I lacked happiness 
Was it the fact that I had no place to call my home 
Or that I was a beggar and alone
A gaping hole inside my heart 
That was slowly ripping me apart
And I was ready to end it
I was ready to call it quits 
It was time to silence the evil that existed In me 
Anxiety and depression rushed over me
And at the point of desolation
I fell into restoration
By the grace of God
He met me where I was 
In my weakness he became my strength 
And I won't forget 
In my weakness he became my strength 
In my emptiness he made whole
And nothing else matters
Not the pain not the vain I held in my heart
I was set free by the one I considered my enemy 
The one who was a mystery was now more clear to me then the very breath that enters my lungs 



Now as I write down my past and I think of how far I've come 
I can't help but to reflect on what's been done to see my through my darkest days and in many ways I can't believe that I'm alive 
And I hold my head up high 
Knowing Jesus is truly who he says he is
So why live in fear why tremble when evil is near 
Think about it
The God who created the universe is love 
He showed it when he hung upon the cross for us
And this means everything to the one who's been forgiven much and that displays me
Forgiven portrays me
That was me in the lowlands fighting off my sexual addiction to pornography -set free
That was me as a wayward man steeped in drugs and alcohol a menace to society-set free 
That was me in the ruins of my own flesh seeking to be free seeking to be me -set free 
Now I am a husband and a father with a second chance at life
So with joy I seek to praise the risen king with everything inside of me